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Our Biothane handsfree multifunctional dog lead is a great product for keeping you handsfree during your dog walks as well as using it in a variety of ways.


The lead consists of 2 fixed d-rings and 2 moveable d-rings connection points and double ended clasps to allow you a multitude of uses.


  • 20mm or 25mm width Biothane
  • 2.5metre total length
  • Perfect for easy non- ivasive pull-stop lead training
  • Handsfree walking with over the shoulder or around the waist wear
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable 


To use as a regular dog lead, clip one clasp to the fixed d-ring to make a handle and the other end to the dogs collar or harness. 

To use as a hands free lead, simply place the lead either over your shoulder or waist and attach the clasp to one of the moveable d-ring to the size required for your body. Attach the other end clasp to the dogs collar or harness


If you would like 2 colours on your lead (i.e the main body blue and the clasps & d-ring connection points in green) please purchase the main body colour and then pop in the comments/ or email us what colour you would like the connection points and we will add these on (providing the colour is in stock)


Biothane Handsfree Multiway Lead

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