Doggy Doo Holders...... hold your dogs poop bags for you!


It's the pet product you never thought you needed!

Perfect for all PAWrents and dog walkers!


You spoil your dog. So now it's time to spoil yourself.


PAWsitive things about the holder:

  • Holds the poop bag after your dog does their business, so you dont have too!
  • Provides more fun and freedom on your outings with your dog.
  • Makes it easier to walk your dog whilst pushing a stroller, wakling multiple dogs, using your phone etc..
  • Makes it easier to walk your dog during inclement weather (holding an unbrella, cold weather-keep your hands warm and dry in your pockets instead of exposed to the elements)
  • Perfect gift for all PAWrents and dog walkers.
  • Fun colours
  • Made in the UK
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Designed to NOT tear bags
  • Can easily hold 2 or more filled poop bags
  • Attached to leashes, strollers, pet utility bags, purses, backbacks and more...


I love walking my dog, but holding those stinky poop bags was just an awful task. I knew there must be a better wayTREAT YOURSELF OR SPECIAL SOMEONE AND PLACE AN ORDER TODAY!

I guarantee you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one.


Instructions for use:

  • Attach carabiner (D-clip) through hole on holder and clip carabiner to handle on leash or other device.
  • Pick up poop with waste bag and tie waste bag.
  • Slide bag down slot just beneath the knot on bag and off you go!
  • Attach carabiner (D-clip) on handle part of leash
  • Supplied with standard carabiner


Doggy Doo Holder